What is Freelancing?



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The way of earning money through internet by selling your skills online is called freelancing. In this digital era, globally things are converting online rapidly. Its need and demand of time to convert your mindset according to situation of this digital world.
After 2015 people started converting their business online and at the pandemic offline business were not performing well and those who were already running their business online they got very good numbers of client or customers generated good revenue through online sales and reached their business to the next level. Now it has become very necessary for all the businesses to start their websites, find the right audience and selling them products online.

Who is Freelancer?
Freelancer is actually a self-employed, a person who is actually his own boss. Basically any skilled person who can sell their skill online using internet and earn money is called freelancer.

There are some questions that people really want to know the reality about freelancers; here those questions are listed for clarifying the confusions
How freelancers earn money?
In a nut shell, freelancers sell their skills online and earn money. There are many skills which are highly demanded in online market places. Around more than 80% freelancers selling their services and making money online in these demanding fields:
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Mobile App Development
• Affiliate Marketing
• Blogging

Where Freelancers get orders?

There are many portals, social media groups and marketplaces for selling online freelancing services, some are very famous freelance market places such as:
• Fiverr.com
• Upwork.com
• Freelancer.com
• Facebook Groups
• Peopleperhour.com
• Guru.com
• Workchest.com

How freelancers communicate to the Clients?

Freelancers use English as a medium of communication. Buyer post the job in the market places and selling quickly start bidding them about their project and after some negotiation regarding project budget, requirement and order deliver timing, buyers give their projects to the reliable sellers after checking buyers profile and portfolio.

How Freelancer get Payments?

Buyers give you the order and unless order completed, Freelance market place hold the payment and when you attach work report deliver the order and clients check the report, if work is don according to the instruction and requirement to the clients then they accept the delivery and after that Freelance site send payment after taking their service charges in your attached bank details on site.

What are the things that are required for starting Freelancing?

There are few things which are very important and must required for starting freelancing
• Computer or Laptop
• Good Internet Service
• Expertise in your Skills
• Good Communication Skill

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